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Oct. 1st, 2009


What I've been working my ass off these days

Dear friends,

I know my presence at ontd_ai has always been scarce due to time difference. These days that has been worse because works and projects, they come one after another at me like big ass trains. Anyway, I'm gonna show you something I'm proud of. Which is a video we made for a volunteer activism campaign we're in. It's a photo contest to win a free trip to the North of Vietnam for building houses with Habitat for Humanity Vietnam and with Former President Jimmy Carter. Friends, please take a look and vote for us. Every vote is precious! And help more people to know about Carter Work Project in Vietnam by sending them this video. Thank you so much!

Oh, and turn on video captions for English subtitles.

Aug. 12th, 2009


Pumpkin love-hate relationship

The enthusiastic chef in me only comes out when I have to take care of myself. My Mom going on one-week trip to Chinese confirms it. So I find myself waking up at 5 a.m every day making my lunchbox, feed my dogs, doing morning exercises and practicing some dance moves before going to work.

 I'm not that creative, but enthusiasm pushes me to be, although it may turn out dishes nobody knows what it is. I cook what I eat, it's harmless. I don't murder people with my cooking.

 I get my cooking ideas from both Western and Estern. Sometimes I stay strictly on one side. This time it's a little bit of both. I have a big bag of wheat flour. Gotta think of some way to cook it, otherwise it'll expire. Problem is, I don't have a baking oven. What to do, what to do? Feasible alternatives: boiling, steaming, frying. I tried out with steaming. It kinda worked -- in a sense: it's edible. What I got was dark milky-colored, flat, little round steamed breads. They taste like the white inside of a bread, only the texture is more sticky, thick and firm. I can use them to replace rice. And to go with it I wanted to make pumkin soup.

 NOT the Western pumpkin soup. Sorry. Can't stand it. I felt throwing up the last time I ate. Too fat and boring for me. I am a person who finishes everything in my dish, to the last grain of rice. When I cannot complete 1/3 of a dish, it's legitly a disaster for me.

 Apparently I went with Vietnamese pumpkin soup. We have it cut into little cubes, cooked with water and top with spring onion, cilantro and rice paddy herb (phew, vietherbs.com is a savor). You can add meat or shrimp, but my box doesn't have enough space. Plus I’d rather avoid red meat especially when I cook.

Rice paddy herb
Rice paddy herb: aidanbrooksspices.blogspot.com/2007/10/rice-paddy-herb.html

Because we have pumpkin in little cube form, the mouth would do more work chewing, it’s not so boring. But at the same time, the soup is soft and creamy. Rice paddy herb adds to it a very distinctive taste. The soup cannot do without this herb. And this time, I decided to cook with coconut juice for its gentle and refreshing sweetness.

But before all that, I gotta work the pumpkin’s cover. I knew it would take time. I bought a small pumpkin one day before and reserved a night before to do all the cutting. It was the first time I ever cut a pumpkin. You get the idea. It’s not helping me using a knife that I use to cut onions and tomatoes, either. Dayum, it’s hard. I cut it in half first, then made my way to the top of the pumpkin. 10 mins later I realize that didn’t work. I got stuck with those V-shaped and round surfaces. Then I tried working downward starting from its peduncle. That was easier.  My hands were hurting but I wouldn’t stop. After 30 mins something, I fianlly finished. I have my pumpkin, now in two halves. Mar’s surface is practically a master piece of art work compared to this. I fianlly stood up feeling dizzy; my hands and legs were numb. Good news was, I didn’t cut my hands. Then, off to cut my coconut.

Err, if you’re speculating it was my first time to cut a coconut. Yes, congrats, bingo. And my first time to use a gigantic super heavy knife, exclusively used for coconut cutting. Let’s just pass what it looked like after I was done. All you need to know is, I got its juice; I didn’t injure my hands; mission accomplished. Off to cut a watermelon.

Upon my first time dealing with a watermelon, I was entirely surprised. It was so easy I had to use no force at all. I ended up cutting my finger a little bit. I bled a single drop of blood.

But once I started cutting pumpkin into little cubes, I swore I could smell its gentle attractive smell which was nonexistent or very, very subtle. Delusional?  Hallucination? You name it. I remember I was even drooling. So that wraps up my story. Now off to my Vietnamese blog to write about Keri Hilson & Lady Gaga.

Jul. 27th, 2009


It's my thought. Just a thought

Dear my Western friends,

Sometimes I am amazed by a photograph of my country landscape. It pops up randomly when I run a random search about, I don't know, population. The point of this entry is not to advertise how beautiful my country is. By the way, the picture I have here - it impressed me - is easily not as impressive to many people. And yes, it's a rice field in the picture.

But, before seeing this kind of landscape, foreigner tourists have to bypass the big cities which are transportation hubs. They have all chance to witness this hilarity in the middle of our capital city, especially after a heavy rain.

This is perfect as a setting for a Top Gear challenge. For those who don't know, it's a BBC reality program on auto vehicles. They should challenge the hosts making a boat out of a motorbike in this case.

No matter how frequent it occurs, people still look like they don't know what to do. Always chaotic potential.

Mind you, these are taken in


Um, so if you or your acquaintance somehow end up in Vietnam, be sure there is enough food supply in the car so everyone can survive while get trapped in that public pool. By the way, my advice should be valid up to 50 years later.

Jul. 26th, 2009


David Carson - good and fun design

So TED.com probably ranks second in my Internet video streaming website list, only after Youtube (If only Youtube would not dominate 90% of my allocated time for watching Internet videos LOL). Anyway I joined TED as a translator from English to Vietnamese, in hope to introduce the awesomeness to some of my friends. They provide me with English subtitles so that makes it easier to follow TED speakers. And I love that they add a comment section for each video, just like Youtube!

My current project is to translate David Carson, a graphic designer. My lecturer introduced him to us during my elective course - I chose Multimedia Design. He is hilarious.

This is a poster he did for a group in New York, called Coalition for Smoke Free Environment. They basically posted thousands of this around the city in a night. You can see the big text in it. That line definitely turned many heads. The small text under that line, read something like this (I'm paraphrasing here) 'If cigarette companies are allowed to lie, we can, too!'

It's clever, and a good, harmless joke. I love it :D

Fan war :/

So today, what a day. I got home and wanted to find joy getting my usual Adam fix from Arkansas concert on IDF. The place shortly became a battlefield between a few Adam-centric peeps and peeps who love not only Adam, and eventually, thanks to extra-large, additional fuel from ONTD_AI peeps.

Don't get me wrong. I love both places. I love that ONTD_AI peeps are loving everyone. I know some people, like me, just shut up if they see a thread not about Adam and choose to stay out of it. But then, the place is a giant spam pool with too many OT posts. One time it took me 4 hours to dig a picture I lost. Oh well.

Therefore, IDF is the most organized, easiest place to find news. Even better than TWOP since I can't keep up with that single thread. It is more concentrated for Adam. So I like to stay there. It is a happy place to return to when I need a little escape from real life. Until today when trolling happened. It still goes on as I speak.

So know what? My two fav communities are fighting, ONTD_AI is spamming the hell out of IDF.  They are Internet regulator now. Only what makes me feel down is that we know IDF people coming from a diverse pool of standpoints. And by spamming, it would change their opinions? Nobody wants to back off. They wanna find peace by adding more fire? How sane.

I get kicked out by my happy place, guess I'll return to my real life and lay low for a while. Hmm, either practicing some dance, paying more effort to my Aikido class, or cultivating my artistic self.

Jul. 16th, 2009


Life gets tough

Reading about Adam Lambert is the only thing I can fully enjoyably concentrate. It may sound my life is fucked, but I don't care. Mainly because I learn so much than I ever have.

The recent interview with Mombert (his mama, Leila Lambert) is particular a living proof. She revealed some more things going on behind what fans already knew. But these are the lines that made me tear up.

Under the cutCollapse )

Thank you, Adam and your family. You're already a good role model. Thanks to you I am more identified with daily life transaction and interaction around me, I see both sad reality and the attitude not to give up. I really really really wish you will succeed for a very long time to come and remain a beautiful, adorable, humble man throughout. I am a little bit shaken that your email was hacked. I fear for your random rants on bad days to be used against you. Not that I will easily lose my admiration for you if they want to prove you're a bad person, but I'm afraid people will believe in those bad stories. But whatever happens, you are my life inspiration.

Jun. 17th, 2009


Just another completely normal Adam Lambert's magic

This is my story. I want to tell a story how constantly it is a pleasure to witness a star in the making.

I am not very good at expressing myself nor articulate. I don’t even know exactly where to start this with. But since I need a topic sentence, it is: Adam impacted me in ways I could not have imagined for my whole 21 years of existence. 

The rest is here since I don't wanna make it too long on the main page. Probably it's boring so I skip to the conclusionCollapse )


To end my lengthy entry, I’d say fan power rules. Michelle Collins rules. The Lamberts rule. The Lamb Skanks, Glamberts, and folks at ONTD_AI all rule. Even though I have been a secret observer, I finally have an urge to speak out. By the way, this is just a preface for many entries to come, as long as Adam discussions on Internet don’t die down. And lastly, big thank you to anyone who cares to read this boring post.

Jun. 15th, 2008


The sweetest movie on my list today: Shelter (2007)

First part is SPOILER! You are warned.Collapse )

It feels so good since gay men in the film is totally men. Most of the time they be surfing, hanging out playing frisbee. Zach was portrayed as a street kid, skateboarding and doing graffiti in his spare time. I find that close to my generation, and it clicks right through me. This is what I long to see like, forever. I mean, show me some kid who likes sport, and like "current" fall in love with a man, like a normal teenage love.

Yep, that's it for now. In fact, there are many manga authors and movies I would like to talk about, but this is the best feel good movie for now. It certainly pops out of my head right away when I need to write some review stuff. And I cannot forget to tell that the song is totally sweet and touching. "Lie to me" by Shane Mack. Here, enjoy the clip XD

Jun. 12th, 2007


Waking up

Dreams at night
How shallow a soul
Could be unreal
Something I always treasure
But they escape from my memory
Betray my longing...